Monday, January 14, 2013

A Love of Tea

 As I mentioned in my last post, I have been trying to nurture myself as much as possible these days.  A big part of that has been re-embracing, among other things, my love of gourmet teas.  Yesterday I discovered a new local teahouse that carries some of my favorite teas by Mariage Frères, an amazing French tea company located in the Marais district of Paris.
I first discovered Mariage Frères several years ago and fell utterly in love with their Earl Grey French Blue, along with many of their fabulous other dark blends.  These days, sadly, my stomach no longer tolerates black tea, so I was forced to end my long term love affair with Earl Grey.  Fortunately their green teas are just as delicious as the black teas, and I quickly found several new standbys to fill my cupboard.

I never thought I liked green tea.  What I discovered is that I don't like BAD green tea.  And most bagged green tea found in the supermarket is pretty bad.  But opening a fresh tin of loose tea from Mariage Frères is a sensory experience not to be denied.  The long curled verdant green leaves, mixed with multicolored herbs and petals, are a lush visual feast.  The fruity bouquet of Marco Polo Vert takes one on an olfactory journey to lands far away across caravan roads.  The rose and lavender of Vert Provence is completely reminiscent of the real Provence.  Thè des Impressionnistes
may be my current favorite of all-  a soft floral blend swathed in a delicious subtle vanilla.  J'aime le thè!

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