Friday, September 28, 2012

31 Days of Living a Magical Life

I've decided to join the 31 days challenge at Nesting Place for the month of October.  I will be journaling daily about my attempts to further recognize and incorporate magic into my everyday life.  Want a preview of my recent experiences?  Check out last week's posts:

Magical Nesting

Garden Magic
Twinkle and Shine

And here we go with the 31!

1.  Back on the Magical Path

2.  Everyday Life
3.  Blackbirds
4.  What IS Magic?
5.  Speaking With Trees
6.  Cookies and Tea
7.  The Blackbirds Return
8.  Sunday Morning
9.  A Moment of Grace
10.  Benzaiten
11.  Fall Is Here
12.  Under Grey Skies
13.  Blackbirds in Flight
14.  Light a Candle
15.  I Am a Writer
16.  Synchronicity
17.  Heimdall
18.  Day to Day
19.  Crow
20.  White Geraniums
21.  Taking a "Me" Day
22.  Fig Season
23.  Gnomes
24.  The Smell of Rain
25.  TRX
26.  Stasis
27.  Aisling
28.  A Birth Day Blessing
29.  In Wonder
30.  Writing Through a Dry Spell
31.  Happy Pumpkin Day!

(Please note that all photos and illustrations included here were found elsewhere on the Internet unless otherwise noted.  I do not own the rights to them.  And yes, purchasing a digital camera is one of my future goals.)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twinkle and Shine

Sitting on the couch with the sliding door and windows open, watching the fairy lights morph and shine in the darkness, listening to the crickets chirping and feeling the cool autumn breeze...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Garden Magic

Yesterday I purchased a set of these solar lights, just like the ones in my grandfather's yard.  They need to charge in the sun for two full days before use.  I can't wait to see them lit up at night!  

I've also felt the urge to connect with my house (or condo lol) spirits more.  House spirits, house fairies, house gnomes…  Whatever name they go by, the ones who bring the magic.  I found this garden gnome statue yesterday and he makes a perfect addition to my deck.  Gnomes always make me think of my grandparents, especially my grandmother, and are yet another way I feel I can connect with the magic within my heritage.

Oh, and did I mention that I joined the board of directors at our HOA annual meeting last night?  I also received a commitment from the board to complete needed repairs on my deck.  Yep, I'm reconnecting with my home on multiple levels.  Sometimes it takes the mundane to manifest the mystical.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Magical Nesting

I am in nesting mode- magical nesting mode.  I visited my grandfather at his home yesterday.  Every time I am there I feel it- MAGIC.  The land is alive with it.  Faerie lights twinkle in the dark night while the trees and plants whisper and sway.   I don't know how to create that energy at home.  I live in a one bedroom condo.  I have a deck, not a yard.  Although I've made several attempts over the years to start and maintain a garden, a few plants in plastic pots sitting on a concrete upstairs deck don't dance and shimmer with faery magic.  They just sit there, emphasizing the boxiness and suburban reality, surrounded by other small boxy condos and too close neighbors.  

I don't know how to manifest the magic there, although I try my best.  Can it be done?  Or do I need to change locations?  I am feeling frustrated.  I want to create, I want to live, I want to surround myself with magic and potential.  I feel that I need more nature to do so.  I crave the magic.  

Monday, September 3, 2012

New Blog

Starting over on  My previous blog was on, but it's time for a change!

Here's the link:

Edit to add, it doesn't seem to be loading right anymore at all.  I'm copying and pasting my old posts over here.  See below.  :)