Monday, September 24, 2012

Magical Nesting

I am in nesting mode- magical nesting mode.  I visited my grandfather at his home yesterday.  Every time I am there I feel it- MAGIC.  The land is alive with it.  Faerie lights twinkle in the dark night while the trees and plants whisper and sway.   I don't know how to create that energy at home.  I live in a one bedroom condo.  I have a deck, not a yard.  Although I've made several attempts over the years to start and maintain a garden, a few plants in plastic pots sitting on a concrete upstairs deck don't dance and shimmer with faery magic.  They just sit there, emphasizing the boxiness and suburban reality, surrounded by other small boxy condos and too close neighbors.  

I don't know how to manifest the magic there, although I try my best.  Can it be done?  Or do I need to change locations?  I am feeling frustrated.  I want to create, I want to live, I want to surround myself with magic and potential.  I feel that I need more nature to do so.  I crave the magic.  

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