Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Garden Magic

Yesterday I purchased a set of these solar lights, just like the ones in my grandfather's yard.  They need to charge in the sun for two full days before use.  I can't wait to see them lit up at night!  

I've also felt the urge to connect with my house (or condo lol) spirits more.  House spirits, house fairies, house gnomes…  Whatever name they go by, the ones who bring the magic.  I found this garden gnome statue yesterday and he makes a perfect addition to my deck.  Gnomes always make me think of my grandparents, especially my grandmother, and are yet another way I feel I can connect with the magic within my heritage.

Oh, and did I mention that I joined the board of directors at our HOA annual meeting last night?  I also received a commitment from the board to complete needed repairs on my deck.  Yep, I'm reconnecting with my home on multiple levels.  Sometimes it takes the mundane to manifest the mystical.

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