Friday, February 1, 2013

More More More TEA!

It's official: My tea obsession has reached new heights.  But then I was never one for doing things halfway, haha.  I just placed my THIRD order (within the last month!) with Harney and Sons.  This was obviously a highly necessary action, as my last order arrived a mere two days ago.  Of course I am already craving more!  I am now never without a cup of some kind within drinking distance.  Work, home, travel, everywhere.  When I go to bed each night, I look forward to getting up in the morning so that I can drink more tea.  Yes, it's that good.  More tea reviews to come…very soon.


  1. That tea must be very special! (Visiting from Five Minute Friday.)

  2. though a coffee drinker mostly, i appreciate the variety and ritual that comes with tea drinking. and you'll stay hydrated! so obsess on. ;) --kris