Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tazo Vanilla Apricot White Tea

Oh yeah... Now I remember why I don't drink bagged teas from the grocery store anymore.  Unfortunately, despite past experience,  I just can't seem to resist trying them anyway.  The boxes look so appealing all lined up together.  The packages are brightly descriptive, and the tea sounds so inviting and tasty.  Design wise, Tazo tea boxes are simply lovely.  They look so good, it's hard to remember that the actual product leaves much to be desired. 

I realized long ago that I do not like Tazo teas.  They taste old and stale and dusty to me.  But I love the packaging, and if I wait long enough I forget how awful they taste.  So when I saw this new Vanilla Apricot White on display, I took a chance and added it to my shopping basket, hoping for a pleasant surprise.  Boy, was that a mistake.  The best way I can describe it is that it was exactly like brewing and drinking sawdust.  It was awful. 

After forcing down several sips, I gave up and dumped the rest of the freshly brewed cup.  And quickly tossed the the box as well. 
I hate to write a post about a bad tea, let alone drink a bad tea, but perhaps it works out.  Drinking a truly bad tea reminds me how good the good teas are. 

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