Thursday, October 10, 2013

Zhena's Gypsy Tea- Rooibos Chocolate Chai

 Time for a tea update!  I've discovered a new tea that I really like.  It's made by Zhena's Gypsy Tea and is a Rooibos Chocolate Chai.  For those of you that have been following my blog, you know that I am a tea fiend.  I love tea.  I could drink it all day long, except the caffeine tends to keep me awake if I drink it late in the evening.  And I'm just not a fan of herbals.  So I've been keeping an eye out for some time looking for a suitable substitute for evening sipping.  Zhena's Gypsy Tea Rooibos Chocolate Chai seems to be the trick so far!  I'm normally not a chai fan, or straight rooibos.  But somehow this particular blend is tasty as all get out.  Zhena also makes a Rooibos Caramel Chai that tastes similar- a bit more subtle but also very good.  I think they are both seasonal blends, so try them soon if you get a chance.

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