Monday, November 5, 2012

Fall Back

Daylight saving time ended this weekend.  I've never liked DST, but I especially dislike the "fall back" time of the year.  The sun sets at 5 pm, and it is so hard to stay energetic and cheerful.  Instead I feel exhausted and just plain wiped out.

I ponder today the need for fallow periods of time overall- those periods when we are forced to pull within and recharge, whether by internal or external circumstance.  Much as I try, I can't keep going nonstop.  There are ongoing stretches of down time within the multiple cycles of life.  Although I wish to avoid them, they are necessary.  So today I'm trying to find the good in this time of the year.  To make peace with the waxing darkness and chill, or at least gain some semblance of acceptance.  I already yearn to "spring forward" again.  But my body and soul are tired.  Time to rest.  At least for now.

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