Friday, November 9, 2012


Looking forward to a weekend of quiet.  Rest.  Be still.  Rejuvenate.  Relax.  Time to focus within, to nurture the inner child, to soothe my animal soul.  The weather has changed.  A chill is in the air, the promise of rain draws near.  Darkness falls ever so early now.  I long to wrap myself within layers of blankets, to snuggle with purring kitties while sipping hot tea and watching cheerful sitcoms on TV.  Thick fuzzy socks and gingerbread scented candles speak of comfort to me.  Peace and quiet within, peace and quiet without.  Quiet within my mind.  Quiet within my soul.  Breathe, release.  Inhale, exhale.  Ahh.

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  1. Nice. You actually got me to breathe... I think I forget to sometimes. :)

  2. Such nice thoughts. I wish that my weekend was going to be a quiet one, but all signs indicate otherwise.

    [Thanks for stopping by my blog. This writing exercise is fun, isn't it?]