Friday, November 2, 2012


Roots.  Deep, solid, grounded, firm.  Roots.  My roots.  My family, my heritage.  They derive from my ancestors, and spread ahead to my descendants.  My roots come from the Anglo-Saxons.  My roots come from the ancient Nordic peoples, more commonly known as "the Vikings."  My roots are German and English and Scandinavian.  They are documented genealogically on charts and pedigrees.  They connect me constantly to my ancestors- their ways, their beliefs, their practices and religion.  The ancient ways, the old ways.  The ways of my people.  My roots. 

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  1. Hi Warrior Priestess! First of all--I like your name! Just the other day I started calling my daughter and I Warrior Princesses! AND...My children and I were just studying about the vikings...and now I 'meet' a modern day viking! Be blessed beautiful Warrior Priestess!