Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Moment of Grace

So what do you do on days when you're feeling not so magical?  When you're tired, running late to work, stuck in unending meetings, and dealing with flaky people?  Yeah it was one of those days today.  Sometimes they happen.  

But this afternoon I saw a white egret flying over the BART tracks as I was driving home.  Whenever I see one I always think of the goddess Benzaiten.  I have a special affinity for her, and have been opening myself up to her energy lately.  Benzaiten is a Japanese goddess of love, luck, beauty and creativity.  She is a patroness of learning and the arts, "that which flows" -a warrior goddess who also grants wishes and good fortune.  She is strong, graceful, poised and refined, and can definitely hold her own in any situation.  

Later I went to the gym for a session with my personal trainer.  I think I may have strained my neck a bit during my workout, which makes me frustrated.  Hopefully two Advil and a hot shower will help.  So there is my update for today:  In the midst of the stressful and the mundane, out of the blue sky (literally) a magical moment appeared.  

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