Friday, October 5, 2012

Speaking With Trees

Have you ever tried to talk to a tree?  I don't mean you have to walk up and open your mouth and start speaking, although that is certainly one way of doing it.  I mean pausing, directly your full attention to that tree, opening up your consciousness and sending out a friendly intention.  A silent "hello" or a "virtual wave" if you will, an acknowledgement that before you is a living being with its own spirit and awareness, that rejoices in sunshine and soaks up the rain waters, that is a living part of this planet.  

The first time that one talks back, it will change your life... if you let it.

1 comment:

  1. Especially on the old homeplace! My Mom's old Beech tree that was cut down when I was a kid produced another -- in the same spot where the old one grew. After 28 years, i came home and there was Mama's special tree where it had always been. The whole place is magic. There is always a lot of silent conversation going on there -- and I'm pretty sure my Kinsmen (on the other side) are nearby, as well.