Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hail to Heimdall, honorable and fair!  Hail, unfailing protector of Asgard and sworn enemy of chaos and treachery.  Hail!  Today I write about one of my favorite Norse gods.  Heimdall is the ever present guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.  He is a god of liminality and transitions.  As Odin gave up an eye to Mimir's well on his quest for knowledge and wisdom, Heimdall in turn gave up an ear.  In exchange, he received supersensory abilities.  He can see and hear far and wide, throughout the realms of heaven and earth.  Thus his extraordinary ability to ward and protect.  

In literature Heimdall can seem rather serious, but energetically I have found him to be quite the opposite.  He is wise and honorable, but also friendly and jovial.  Working with him in ritual brings smiles and easy laughter throughout.  Think of a fun favorite uncle, who always looks out for your well being, but is never too busy to joke and play.  You can trust him at all times to watch out for you and care for you.

Heimdall is known to be a beautiful god- white skinned and gold toothed.  He is quoted as being the son of nine wave maidens, and the father of mankind.  He is a "first god," one who appears at the beginning of time and remains through the end.  Perhaps that helps explain the close familial connection that can be so readily felt with him.

One of the things I love best about Heimdall is his forthrightness and reliability.  He has sworn to do his duty, and he can be trusted to do so.  He is on the up and up- what you see is what you get.  The world needs a little more trustworthiness, a little more dedication, a little more fealty.  The world needs Heimdall.  The world needs Heimdall energy.  Always a fan of good food and drink, let us lift a horn of mead and toast in his name:  Hail Heimdall!  Blessed is He!

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  1. You will love my name is you're into Heimdall then, cause I am wondering if it's theophoric in essence:)