Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Are the faeries still about at this time of year, when the weather turns to cold, damp and dreary?  Or do they nestle away, hidden in secret glens, waiting for more hospitable times? 

I believe the gnomes are still out and about.  My garden gnome sits tucked away behind the foliage on my deck, in his usual spot next to the sliding glass door.  Day and night, rain and shine, he watches and guards our little home.  Personally, I think gnomes prefer smaller homes.  Why?  Because they are cozy, with little nooks and crannies, and corners to perch in and peer around.  It feels that much closer to being in a magical little cottage nestled in the woods.  Or in this case, a little condo nestled in suburbia.  But magic certainly knows no such limiting bounds. 

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