Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today I thought I would write a bit more about my personal relationship with Benzaiten.  As I mentioned yesterday, I've been working with her energetically.  Historically she is well documented, with roots originating from the Hindu goddess Sarasvati.  She is one of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japan.  She conquered, tamed, and then married the dragon king.  She is a patron of artists, writers and geishas.

To me, Benzaiten energy feels very classical and refined.  She comes across as polished and precise, calming and soothing.  Think "Inhale, Exhale,"  like the feel of a slow deep yogic breath.

Benzaiten is simultaneously comforting and revitalizing.  She also has a playful, girlish, almost "valley girl" side that reveals itself on occasion.  I have yet to experience the warrior side of her, but I know it is there.

Lately when she has made herself present I have felt a welling up of potential inside, which has been manifesting thus far in a steady outpouring of creativity.  For quite some time I felt like I had a "block" within keeping me from writing, drawing, crafting, manifesting.  Now with Benzaiten energy the waves of words just come pouring out.  It is a wonderful feeling.  She truly is an amazing and multifaceted goddess.

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