Sunday, October 14, 2012

Light a Candle

Today looks to be another lovely fall day.  The morning is sunny, but the light is muted and filtered.  The air has a slight chill along the edge.  I watered the plants on my deck outside (newly rebuilt thanks to my HOA) and smiled at their sweet energy- little spirits alive, alert, reaching up to the sunlight and waving in the breeze.  A blue jay hopped in circles and called down from the redwood tree overhead, while the mischievous neighborhood squirrel ran along a railing down below. 

I came back inside and lit an evergreen pine scented candle.  It may sound simplistic, but often the simple act of lighting a candle is the fastest way for me to center and bring myself back into a magical state of mind.  It could be habit now, deeply ingrained from years of creating altars and practicing devotions.  Or it could just be the magical spark of creation lit anew each time.

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