Thursday, October 4, 2012

What IS Magic?

So what is magic exactly?  I think everyone probably has a different definition.  I used to think it meant casting spells, brewing up potions and formally invoking any number of a multitude of otherworldly beings.  It was my intellectual definition of magic, what I thought it should be.  I've grown out of that narrow interpretation over time.  I was focused more on an externally created construct of what I thought magic was supposed to be, than what actually felt magical to me.  It was more about the trappings and less about the content.
What I think of now when I think of magic probably looks a lot more understated on the surface.  It may even look like just regular day to day life.  Because I've come to realize, that's where the magic actually is.  It's around us, it's within us, it never leaves us.  To access it all we need to do is be present, and allow the child within to look out through our grown up eyes.  We need to stop trying to be so "cool" all the time, to lower our walls, release our facades, and embrace authenticity, embrace our true selves.  When we do, the universe opens up to us and can reveal her wonders.  We only need to see what is already there.

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  1. Absolutely! We are growing up, finding the wisdom we knew already when we were children -- that life is magic!