Monday, October 1, 2012

Back on the Magical Path

So technically I've been walking the path of the "magical life" for quite some time now.  But somewhere along the road I lost my way.  I became distracted by the mundane, the grind, the everyday.  Recently I have felt myself going through a rebirth, my eyes reopening to the wonders of the world.  

That which is focused on, grows.  

I choose to focus on the magic.  I look for the synchronicities.  I honor the divine.  I light candles often, I create altars everywhere, I talk to trees and plants and wild animals, and sometimes they talk back.  So here's to the first day of the next 31 days.  Happy October!

1 comment:

  1. I get distracted, too -- so much, so much, so much to do. But, like a garden, I think that sometimes we lay fallow -- a winter season -- and that we're not really straying at all -- only germinating in order to grow strong toward our harvest (of spiritual evolution).

    Very good to make your acquaintance! I think we have much in common.