Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Blackbirds Return

The blackbirds are back!  As I left the gym this afternoon two were hanging out on the sidewalk in front of the entrance door.  I carefully passed by on my way to the parking lot, then paused at a grassy median strip to continue watching them.  After a couple minutes I turned around, ready to finish walking to my car.  But there on the ground was another blackbird in the grass, only a few feet from from where I stood.  

I kept still, expecting that it would take fright and fly away.  But it came even closer, until it was standing not more than two feet from me.  With its sidelong unblinking little eye firmly cast upon mine, it proceeded along the raised strip in between the cars, passing right in front of me.  I stood and watched, mentally sending it a message of greetings and thanks.  I believe it heard me too, as I was acknowledged with a steady gaze in return.  Slowly I stepped off the curb and over to my car, where yet another blackbird once again flew overhead.  As I drove away I looked back, but they were gone.  Well, at least until next time.

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