Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yesterday two blackbirds flew directly over my head as I was walking to my car after working out at the gym.  It felt just a little bit unusual, you know?  In fact I almost wrote about it for my blog entry yesterday, but then I thought…No…that would be silly.  So I blew it off.

Then today after work I was walking out to my car, through 90 something degree heat, blaring sun beating down on me and the hot pavement of the surrounding parking lot.  Gathered together directly in my path was a small group of blackbirds.  Well, one dark brown, and probably five or six black.  BUT…two of those were redwing blackbirds!  

I don't recall ever seeing redwing blackbirds hanging out in an asphalt parking lot.  In tall grass, yes.  Near water, yes.  Concrete pavement…not so much.  

Okay birds, you've got my attention.  They scattered a bit as I walked towards them, and three alighted in the shadow of a car parked directly across from mine.  They all lined up in a row, evenly spaced.  I opened up my car door, sat down, and simply watched them for a moment.  They were lovely.  

When I got home I looked up the symbolism for blackbirds online.  I found that they are a harbinger of creativity and a connection to the magical world.  Their message is to embrace your own talents and manifest them, to share them with the world.  Perfect.  And perfectly synchronistic as I start this 31 day blog.  Namaste blackbirds.  Thank you.


  1. Over the years, I have had some interesting experiences with birds as well. Your blog is beautiful. Thank you for posting; I am very glad you did so.

  2. One for sorrow,
    Two for mirth,
    Three for a gathering
    Four for a birth...

    Hugin and Munin come to mind. I have been guided, when need be, by black birds -- often warned of sorrows to come -- and sometimes encouraged that sorrows would lift soon.

    How lovely that the blackbirds came to encourage you.